When I was a kid, I remember spending hours looking at circuit boards. I was desperate to understand why things worked and, much to my mother’s dismay, I would just break stuff open. I saw dystopian cities filled with skyscrapers and funny buildings, regularly having to resist the temptation to snap a bright blue capacitor that would serve as a fine chewing gum. I didn’t understand a thing, but I knew that there was more to it than a pretty landscape.

As a teenager, I was ready to comprehend these objects, and this was when I decided I would become an engineer and study electronics. From then on, it’s been only discoveries, from my very first design with a 555 to dry-etching MEMS on a silicon wafer; following the breadcrumbs of electrons and copper traces.

Today, a multidisciplinary engineer with serious prototyping skills, my main fields of expertise are electronics engineering, material sciences and micro/nano engineering. I constantly seek challenging projects that involve cutting edge technologies and engaging concepts. Passionate and creative, I always give the best of myself to make things work!

Bright Blue Cap