The Rocket Trail > Baan Na Pho > 2017 

“An exploration into the explosion.

The Rocket Trail is a platform of cross-disciplinary research project where art, design, science and filmmaking work together to dissect the rocket as an object and cast some light on its influence over the collective imaginary - from its early conception as a phenomena to its multi-layered cultural interpretation where science and myth amalgamate.

The project follows the historical trail of rocketry from Asia to Europe, journaling its ancient myths and contemporary tales that was conceived as a product of spirituality, a triumphant scientific evolution, the pinnacle of national pride, and eventual disintegration into terror and destruction.”

- Nanu Youttananukorn

I joined The Rocket Trail project after a curious call from a dear friend, Nanu Youttananukorn. He told me about a buddhist monk in the northern regions of Thailand (Isan & Roi Et) who has mastered the art of rocketry, and that there is a team of designers and reporters going to observe this ancient tradition. I packed my backpack and joined in on the two month expedition as the resident engineer documenting this incredible craft.

From collecting bat guano in forbidden caves and extracting it’s nitrogen, to implementing ultra-DIY GPS Lora tracker collecting IMU data of flying rockets. This journey could be described as my childhood-astronaut dreams realized as a rugged engineer, working a soldering iron into the back of a pickup truck. Sharing the life of like-minded people - with whom we did not share a language, but we did share a passion!